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Zagat: Enrique Limardo Makes Immigrant Food the Main Event
We immigrants have contributed everything to gastronomy in the States. Without immigrants, there’s no food at all. We carry our culture in our palate. Every time we migrate, we carry and share our culture. When you have a gathering of immigrants, we always bring something to eat. We share everything on the table.

Inside Hook: Embrace the Resurgence of DC Fusion Cuisine
Located just a stone’s throw from the White House [Immigrant Food is] revolutionizing the fusion concept at a much more casual price point, fusing together cuisines as disparate as Ethiopian and El Salvadorian.

Food For Thought (podcast): Food as Movers and Shakers
Hear about the creative thinking behind [Immigrant Food’s] flavorful bowls, [and] commitment to the immigrant cause through gastro-advocacy.

Food Service Director: Easing into Ethnic Cuisine
Bowls—a popular platform—are the vehicle for showcasing the culinary legacy of America’s immigrants.

NowThis (video): Meet the Immigrant Food Team Brining Diverse Cuisine to D.C.
The restaurant’s chef describes Immigrant Food’s offerings as “20 restaurants in one menu”.

Brightest Young Things (BYT): Eating For A Cause With Immigrant Food
D.C. might be the land of fast casual copycats, but that doesn’t mean everything has to stay the same. Immigrant Food, which opened last November, has been changing up the scene.

Restaurant Business: Easing Into Ethnic Eating
The menu description of each bowl tells the story of its culinary roots and explains the ingredients in great detail.

Washington Post: Immigrant Food Connects Bowls With a Cause Near The White House
Limardo researched immigration patterns and identified core ingredients from different countries to arrive at his final menu.

Sarajevo Times (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Interesting Story about “Immigrant Restaurant” Where People Can Donate Dinner”
In addition to a food menu that is a fusion of immigrant-inspired recipes and which features a range of international teas and sodas, Immigrant Food will also spotlight an “engagement menu”.

Edible DC: DC’s First ‘Cause Casual’ Restaurant Opens
“Immigrant Food marries food and immigration advocacy.” (Print, Winter 2019)

AFAR Magazine: Why You Should Go to Washington D.C. This Winter
A block from the White House, the fast-casual spot is committed to fighting intolerance in America through both food and philanthropy.

Bloomberg: Washington Is The Most Exciting Food City in America.
The newest fix-the-world restaurant has the unsubtle name Immigrant Food.

NPR (All Things Considered): ‘Immigrant Food’ Restaurant, Trump’s New Neighbor
NPR’s Don Gonyea speaks with the co-owners of Immigrant Food, Chef Enrique Limardo and Peter Schechter, about their new restaurant, which is located one block from the White House in Washington, D.C.

Chicago Tribune: New Washington Restaurant Promotes Immigrant Causes
The place celebrates the country’s immigrant history, offers meeting space to organizations dedicated to immigrant services, acts as an advocate on immigration issues and, not least importantly, serves bowls that fuse ingredients from various immigrant cuisines.

Travel Noire: Get to Know ‘Immigrant Food’, A New Restaurant Located A Block From The White House
“Immigrant Food” is a fast-casual restaurant offering dishes from various cultures across the world. The restaurant has a slogan of “United at the Table” and gives diners the opportunity to donate to immigrant advocacy groups.

WUSA9: DC Restaurant “Immigrant Food” Opens Near White House
The founders’ goal is to help immigrants while celebrating their cultures through fusion food.

Lonely Planet: A Restaurant Celebrating Immigrant Food Has Opened Beside the White House
A brand new restaurant that celebrates the diverse and rich background of immigrant food has opened a quarter block from the White House in Washington D.C, with the unique offering striving to “create a space for advocacy, change and community.

Heated: A D.C. Restaurant Celebrates What The White House Demonizes
A restaurant and its customers take a stand on immigration

DCist: Immigrant Food is a Fast-Casual Fare With An Activist Bend
A team of first- and-second-generation Americans are behind Immigrant Food, a new fast-casual concept in downtown D.C. honoring the country’s “immigrant DNA and heritage” through cuisine.

CNN: A Restaurant Called ‘Immigrant Food’ Just Opened a Block From The White House
As salsa and merengue beats pulse in the background, diners are lining up at one of the newest restaurants in the nation’s capital.

CNN (video): ‘Immigrant Food’ Restaurant Opens a Block From White House
(Video) “Immigrant Food” is serving up fusion bowls from countries around the globe in an effort to bring attention to immigrant causes.

Voice of America (VOA) (in Russian): “Ресторанный активизм: «Иммигрантская еда» напротив Белого дома”

Forbes: A Restaurant Serving Immigrant Causes Opens Steps Away From The White House
Come for the food, stay for the social impact: A new advocacy-based restaurant opened its doors in D.C. less than a block from the White House—and it wants to make supporting immigrants as easy and interactive as ordering food from a menu.

Washington Post: Near the White House and feeling hungry? A celebration of immigrants is on the menu
Focusing on the role of immigrants in feeding this nation, while educating customers on how they can support causes and initiatives associated with immigration, is a key ingredient of what the team calls “gastro-advocacy.”

Travel+Leisure: A Restaurant Dedicated Entirely to Immigrant Food Just Opened Across From the White House
Its aim is three-fold: to serve unique green-and-grain bowls, advocate for pro-immigrant organizations, and get you involved.

Washington Post: A new D.C. restaurant will promote immigrant causes right in Trump’s front yard
All of this will be found at 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, less than a quarter-mile from the front gates of the most famous address in the District.

The Hill: ‘Immigrant Food’ opens a block away from the White House
What happens when you stir together award-winning chefs and immigration reform in D.C.?

Oslobodjenje (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Immigrant Food, Washington First Cause-Casual Opens Next to White House
In addition to a food menu that is a fusion of immigrant-inspired recipes and which features a range of international teas and sodas, Immigrant Food will also spotlight an “engagement menu”

Eater DC: A New Fast-Casual Place Called Immigrant Food Preaches ‘Gastroadvocacy’ in Trump’s Backyard
The counter near the White House sells far-out fusion bowls

Food & Wine: ‘Immigrant Food’ Restaurant Is Opening Next to the White House
The fast-casual concept features an “engagement menu” where diners can sign up to volunteer for local NGOs that support immigrants.

Epoca Globo (Brazil):  Washington Estreia Restaurante Com ‘Politica no Cardapio’
‘Immigrant Food’ terá cardápio de comida e de engajamento, além de um ‘think table’.

Eater DC:  A Restaurant Celebrating Immigrants Will Open Near the White House
The next project from Enrique Limardo, the chef behind 14th Street hotspot Seven Reasons, is a restaurant with a cause.

Washingtonian:  An Advocacy Restaurant Called “Immigrant Food” Is Opening by the White House
The chef behind Seven Reasons is behind the “cause-casual” cafe’s melting-pot menu.


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“Ayuda is a proud #nonprofit partner @immigrantfooddc, the new cause-casual restaurant celebrating #immigration & #immigrants living in the US.” – Ayuda on Twitter.

“We partner with lots of important communities – legal, political, education. @Immigrantfooddc is such a novel approach! They are celebrating America’s immigration story and today’s immigrants through food. It’s food and advocacy – all in one. #UnitedAtTheTable” – CASA on Twitter.

“Today @Immigrantfooddc opens the doors to their space and joins Americans who want to help support our immigrant community by aligning food and advocacy. CAIR Coalition is excited to be one of their five non-profit partners! #UnitedAtTheTable” – CAIR Coalition on Twitter.



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