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Private Events

Thinking about a private or semi-private event? We love to host!

Our eclectic, inviting space includes artisan tapestries and baskets, a micro-gallery curated by well-known NYC-based Colombian photographer Luis German Gomez, and our seating mimics different immigrant table cultures.

We can prepare wonderful eats of either hors d’oeuvres, individual bowls or fusion platters (or a combination of these!). We also have a special menu of wines, beers, and sangria from around the world!

For more information on booking our space, please contact Frank Ortiz at [email protected]



Add a 7.5% donation to our NGO partners and we’ll match it!


Platter of 20                  $65

Platter of 24                  $78

Platter of 40                  $130

Your choice of hors d’oevres


‘MexiDelhi’ Chicken Sliders – Adobo spiced chicken, mango chutney slaw, baby spinach, Fiesta Mexicana sauce, brioche bun

Guac Bruschetta– Baguette bruschetta with fresh-made guacamole, sun-dried tomato

North Sea Bruschetta – Baguette bruschetta with rillettes of salmon and feta, apricots, chives

Harissa Hummus in a Cup – individual cups of harissa spiced hummus with veggies

Asian Beef Skewer  – Spice rubbed steak, roasted broccoli, China Chifa dressing

Vegan Caprese Skewer – Cilantro pesto tofu, cherry tomato, extra virgin olive oil

Red Bean Tortilla Festival – Red bean emulsion, corn, cherry tomato, jalapeño, green onion cilantro, corn tortilla



5-person fusion platter            $79.95

10-person fusion platter          $159.99

15-person fusion platter          $239.85


Greco Milano platter – Inspired by Immigrants from Italy and Greece.
Arugula, Pumpkin    Spaghetti, Sundried Tomatoes, Fennel, Parmigiano Reggiano, Roasted Broccoli, Garlic Chips, Creamy Pesto Sauce.


Viet Vibes platter –  Inspired by Immigrants from Vietnam and the Caribbean islands.
Kale, Roasted Broccoli, Mango, Soy Sprouts, Garlic and Coconut Chips, Jalapeño Peppers, Cilantro, Peanuts, Spicy Pho Vinaigrette Sauce.


Mumbai Mariachi platter* – Inspired by Immigrants from Mexico and India.
Spinach, Roasted Corn, Mango Chutney Slaw, Carrots, Jalapeño, Green Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Smoked Mango Chipotle Sauce


Columbia Road platter  –  Inspired by Immigrants from Ethiopia and El Salvador.
Spring Greens Mix, Ethiopian Lentils, Roasted Corn, Salvadorian Cheese, Loroco Pickles, Crumble Tortilla Chips, Alguashte Vinegar Seasoning



Proteins (Included – Choose One)

Roasted Adobo Chicken
Enoki Mushrooms
Roasted Spice Rubbed Steak

Sides (Extra)

Roasted Potatoes with Onions and Peppers

$9/ 5-person platter, $18/ 10-person platter, $27/ 15-person platter

Orange and Coconut Rice

$9/ 5-person platter, $18/ 10-person platter, $27/ 15-person platter

Mix of Chickpeas, Carrots, Red Peppers, Red Onions, Pine Nuts, Almonds, Chives

$13/ 5-person platter, $26/ 10-person platter, $39/ 15-person platter


$7/8 each


Pink DragonSoutheast Asia.

Dragon Fruit · Cardamom · Yellow Raisins · Blue Agave · Cashew Mylk

Across The BorderMexico.

Cacao · Medjool Dates · Guajillo Pepper · Allspice · Vanilla · Coconut Mylk

Café CalmaCentral America.

Nicaraguan Co­ffee · Medjool Dates · Blue Agave · Oatmylk

Sesame SparksNorth and Central Africa.

Cacao · Medjool Dates · Cayenne · Cinnamon · Black Sesame Mylk

Addicted to GreenMediterranean Europe.

Spirulina · Figs · Fennel · Yellow Raisins · Blue Agave · Pistachio Mylk



Sodas & More ($3.5 each)

Jarritos (soda) Tamarind

Jarritos (soda) Pineapple

Flavored Sparkling Water (Blackberry or Cucumber)

Artisan Water

Sparkling Artisan Water

Vigilante Nicaraguan Coffee Blend


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