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Immigrant Food’s fresh, creative dishes reflect how we see America at its core: diverse, nourishing and welcoming.

Over centuries, immigrants brought their recipes and traditions to this country and reshaped what and how we eat. It’s this special mix of peoples, cultures and foods that has made America great…again and again.

Immigrant Food’s inspirations are culinary representations of that immigrant diversity. Our bowls are fusions and mixes; they’re fun, healthy, diverse. One dish combines Vietnam’s spicy-rice noodles with pickled bananas, an ode to both Central America’s favorite fruit and to German-style pickling. Another salutes Washington’s most diverse neighborhood and the city’s two largest immigrant groups. Columbia Road, named after the main road in D.C.’s famed Adams Morgan neighborhood, fuses together Ethiopia’s delicious, berbere-spiced small lentils with vegetables that include loroco flowers from El Salvador.

Our restaurant is about the energy of interaction. Our seating mimics different immigrant’s table cultures. We want people to gather and connect here. Our world map is a unifying backdrop that is great for a selfie that points to your heritage. After all, we’ve all come from somewhere. Unless you’re Native American, you’re an immigrant.

Like most Americans – we’re proud of the cultural diversity that immigrants gave our society and, especially, our food. Here, at Immigrant Food, we share our space with immigrants, hire immigrants, partner with organizations that help immigrants and are a platform for us, together, to engage on immigration.

Why is a restaurant engaging in gastroadvocacy? Because restaurants have always been the place where immigrants made a living, created community and showed off the cooking of their heritage. Today, more than ever, immigrants are the cultural fuel and the vitality of America’s food industry.

Join us, joining them; we’re united at the table.

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Join the celebration. Support immigrants.