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Hi Immigrant Food Friends,

Each week, we send you 5 ways to engage with immigrants. Whether through donations, volunteering, or educating yourself, you can make a difference! Share this email with friends, family and colleagues, and if you are not subscribed, make sure to visit our website and join our community!

In this week‘s Engagement Menu, you’ll find volunteering, donating, and events that support the immigrant community. 


– The Immigrant Food Team

To learn about our 5 NGO impact partners, see here:

1. Volunteer: Food Justice DMV/Alimentaria DMV

Food Justice DMV/Alimentaria DMV | Ongoing

This organization brings together people to help support the immigrant community across the DMV with distributions essentials and with their motto, “We reduce food insecurity one familia at a time”.

2. Donate: Refugees International

Refugees International | Ongoing 

Refugees International is a global organization that works to analyze current refugee crises and develop policy solutions. Some issues that they work on are climate displacement, right to work, and gender equality.

3. Read: The Fraud

The Fraud | Ongoing 

The British Jamaican novelist Zadie Smith intricately weaves together the histories of Victorian England and Jamaica in the 19th century, using the backdrop of the “Tichborne Trial” to explore themes of fate and the search for truth.


4. Listen: How to be American - Tenement Museum

How to be American – Tenement Museum | Ongoing 

The Tenement Museum, in NYC, shares its podcast, ‘How To Be American’, that captivates the storytelling of being in the US through the evolution of American identity from staple foods, music, comic books, and movements.

5. Attend: At the Border and Beyond

At the Border and Beyond | Thursday, February 23, 2024, 2PM-3PM EST | Virtual (Registration Required)

The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute is hosting seminars by the Metropolitan Washington Workshop on Immigration & Race. Join them on February 23 for an informative discussion on new immigration enforcement policies and research on how communities will be affected.

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