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Hi Immigrant Food Friends,

Each week, we send you 5 ways to engage with immigrants. Whether through donations, volunteering, or educating yourself, you can make a difference! Share this email with friends, family and colleagues, and if you are not subscribed, make sure to visit our website and join our community!

In this week‘s Engagement Menu, you’ll find volunteering, donating, and events that support the immigrant community. 


– The Immigrant Food Team

To learn about our 5 NGO impact partners, see here:

1. Volunteer: Northern Virginia Family Service

Northern Virginia Family Service | Ongoing

The NVFS seeks to increase self-sufficiency in the area through their services for the immigrant community. Some volunteers have stayed for 20 years!

2. Donate: Mil Mujeres

Mil Mujeres | Ongoing 

This organization works to reduce violence against vulnerable groups in the DMV area, especially women. They seek to end cycles of violence through their legal services.

3. Read: American Immigration Lawyers’ Association

American Immigration Lawyers’ Association | Ongoing 

The American Immigration Lawyers’ Association has published an article on the ways that immigration reform should be implemented to increase legal immigration.


4. Listen: The Immigration Lawyers Podcast

The Immigration Lawyers Podcast | Ongoing 

Immigration lawyers discuss updates in immigration policy as well as the ways that they actually practice law in America. It is a great podcast for law students looking to better understand the realm of immigration law.

5. Attend: The Economics and Politics of Immigration

The Economics and Politics of Immigration | Wednesday, June 12 at 10:00 – 11:15am EDT | The Brookings Institution Falk Auditorium 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20036

The Brookings Institution is holding a panel on this major issue in the upcoming election in order to help people understand the nuances of the border crisis and the impact of immigrants on the country.

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