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This page is a platform for immigrant-related events. Find out what’s going on — petitions, marches, protests, gatherings, but also social and cultural events, performances, and letter writing campaigns.

By now, you’ve probably read about the tens of thousands of children being held in detention at the border, under unacceptably poor conditions. Call Congress to step up and end the zero tolerance policy at the border, protect these innocent children, and put an end to this crisis.

#ToImmigrantsWithLove encourages everyone in America to write messages of support and donate to organizations serving the immigrant community.

Untold Stories of Immigrant families was crafted by Asha Wasuge to represent a collective storyline of her family who had to flee Civil War in Somalia and take a risky and dangerous journey to the U.S. The show highlights the struggle the people in her life had to go through for her to have a better life. A life without war, violence, and poverty. Many Somali immigrants had to leave the land they once called home and embark on a new journey and adopt a new culture.

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