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Hi Immigrant Food Friends,

We hope you all had a great holiday season spent with family and friends. We are ready to jump back into making a difference in the immigrant community and providing ways where you can make an impact. We hope your 2023 is off to a great start!  

Each week, we send you 5 ways to engage with immigrants. Whether through donations, volunteering, or educating yourself, you can make a difference!

In this week’s Engagement Menu, you’ll find listening, reading, and donating opportunities as well as a film screening event which all highlight and support immigrant experiences. There’s also information on a pledge that you can sign to help protect immigrant families.


– The Immigrant Food Team

1. Donate:African Communities Together

African Communities Together | Ongoing

Support an organization of African immigrants fighting for civil rights, opportunity, and a better life for families. Each year they help hundreds of African immigrants with free, high-quality immigration legal services. Donate now to support them!


2. Read: American Chica:Two Worlds, One Childhood

American Chics: Two Worlds, One Childhood | Ongoing

In this book, Arana’s story is about growing up torn between her Peruvian and American identity. Throughout her story, she tries to make sense of how her family immigrated to the U.S.—and what it means to be a ‘hybrid’ American.

3. Take Action:Sign the Families Belong Together Pledge

Families Belong Together Pledge | Ongoing 

Families Belong Together works to permanently end family separation and detention, seek accountability, and reunite all families who remain torn apart. Sign the petition to show your support!



4. Listen: Neighbors- The Language Learner

Neighbors: The Language Learner | Ongoing

In this podcast episode, Gin Thawng tells the story of how a civil war forced him to flee his home in Myanmar and seek refuge in the United States. A language barrier prevented him from resolving problems such as medical debt and unemployment. Then, Gin signed up for an ESOL class on wheels, which showed him the power of language and human connection.


5. Attend: Screening of After Migration:Calabria

Screening of After Migration: Calabria  | February 2nd @ 5:30,George Washington University Museum and Textile Museum 

Attend the D.C. premiere of “After Migration: Calabria” followed by a discussion with Walé Oyéjidé, producer & co-director of the film. The film celebrates the lives of migrants and subverts the victim narrative that is often told, while showcasing culturally representative fashion in its storytelling. 

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