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Welcome to our Engagement Menu, where we share direct ways you can make a difference in the lives of immigrants – by donating, participating in advocacy initiatives and virtual events, and (virtual) volunteering. Find out what’s going on — petitions, marches, protests, gatherings, but also social and cultural events, performances, and letter writing campaigns.

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1. Learn: Undocumented & DACAmented Workers’ Rights

Hosted by Undocumented Student Center | April 16 at 4pm

The Sierra College Undocumented Student Center, in collaboration with Legal Aid Society, will host an Undocumented & DACAmented Workers’ Rights Training. This training is for educators to learn more about Undocu Scholars workplace rights and to provide accurate referrals to legal service providers. 

The trainers for this are: Marisa Diaz, Senior Staff Attorney, Legal Aid at Work, National Origin & Immigrants’ Rights Program and Laura Alvarenga Scalia, Legal Fellow, Foundation for Advocacy Inclusion & Resources (F.A.I.R.).

2. Read: Guide for Undocumented Students

Created by Informed Immigrant &

Want to learn more about how undocumented students can access higher education? Have you seen our April Think Table issue? Check out this guide from Informed Immigrant, which provides a variety of resources for undocumented high school and college students! 

This guide collects resources and information for undocumented high school and college students, both with and without DACA, to help them make informed decisions about their futures and acquire the tools they need to advocate for themselves at the high school and college levels. 

3. Engage: Join CARECEN’s Team

Hosted by CARECEN

Our NGO partner, CARECEN, provides legal services, life-skills and civic education for thousands of Latino immigrants a year. They help immigrants integrate and assimilate by offering integration workshops such as financial literacy, language, housing, and citizenship classes.

Chcek out their spring 2021 volunteer and job opportunities!

4. Learn: Anti-Asian Racism

Hosted by Mills Performing Arts | Apr. 15 at 7pm

Join a discussion with Helen Zia on rising hate crimes, racial harassment, and discrimination against Asian Americans since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Helen Zia is a Chinese-American journalist and activist for Asian American and LGBTQ rights. She is considered a key figure in the Asian American movement. Helen has been outspoken on issues ranging from human rights and peace to women’s rights and countering hate violence and homophobia.

5. Learn: Race, Inequity and COVID-19

Hosted by UCLA Cluster Program | Apr. 15 at 6pm

What has COVID-19 taught us about systemic inequity in America? How has the pandemic affected the way we think about race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status, and their relationship to health-outcome disparities? What other issues of racial and social justice has the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized or exacerbated, and what comes next?

Answer these questions with a panel of experts in a very important discussion about the inequities of marginalized communities exposed from the pandemic.

6. Plate it Forward

Donate a Bowl | Anytime!

Donate one or more bowls to the community in need! We prepare the bowl and distribute it to those in need through our NGO partners.

Help our immigrant staff, our NGO partners, and the community!

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