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Hi Immigrant Food Friends,

Welcome to this week’s Engagement Menu! 

Each week, we send you 5 ways to engage with the immigrant community. Whether it’s through a donation, volunteering, or educating yourself, there’s always a way you can make a difference!

In this week’s Engagement Menu, you’ll find volunteering, donating, and educational opportunities, including stories about immigrant experiences.


– The Immigrant Food Team

1. Volunteer: With Homes Not Borders to Support Refugee Communities in the D.C. Area

Homes Not Borders | Ongoing

Homes Not Borders is a non-profit organization that works towards furnishing homes for newly arrived Afghan refugees. Volunteers can assist with a myriad of tasks including dropping off furniture and household items to newly resettled refugees’ homes, organizing storage and donations, assembling furniture and assisting with move-in tasks, and serve as a mentor for refugees seeking employment training.


2. Watch: Téa's Coffee: Are Americans Welcoming Immigrants?

Immigrant Food | Ongoing

In this month’s edition of the Think Table, we explored the question: “Do Americans Support Immigrants?” Watch Immigrant Food’s Co-Founder Téa Ivanovic speak with people on the street and delve into American perceptions and acceptance of immigrants. This video also highlights Nazanin Ash, the CEO of Welcome.US, and the work that Welcome.US does in inspiring, mobilizing, and empowering Americans to support and welcome refugees.

3. Read: I Was Their American Dream


Malaka Gharib’s story is a heartfelt tribute to the American immigrants who have invested their future in the promise of the American dream. This triumphant graphic memoir brings to life Gharib’s teenage antics and illuminates earnest questions about identity and culture, while providing thoughtful insight into the lives of modern immigrants and the generation of millennial children they raised.

4. Donate: To the Ethiopian Community Development Council

The Ethiopian Community Development Council | Ongoing

ECDC is currently resettling more than 6,000 Afghan evacuees in addition to other refugees from around the world. This is an all hands on deck moment and your gift can make a real difference by providing housing assistance, clothing, food, other basic needs and essential services to assist families as they begin their lives again in local communities.

5. Attend: Comedy as a Second Language

Improbable Comedy | September 15 at 8:00 pm

Comedy as a Second Language is a live, interactive comedy show featuring the stand-up comedy of immigrant and 1st generation performers. Audiences love this show! Lots of fun with our comics as they share stories and jokes about their lives, families and their relationship with their new home. Tickets start at $20. The event will take place at the Silver Spring Black Box. Be prepared to provide ID and proof of full vaccination or a negative PCR test. You won’t want to miss this! 

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