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Welcome to our Engagement Menu, where we share direct ways you can make a difference in the lives of immigrants – by donating, participating in advocacy initiatives and virtual events, and (virtual) volunteering. Find out what’s going on — petitions, marches, protests, gatherings, but also social and cultural events, performances, and letter writing campaigns.

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Hosted by Prof and Pints DC | Nov. 23 at 6pm

Embark on a journey through history with  assistant Professor of History, Allen Pietrobon, centering on the culinary practices and the eating culture of the United States. This eating culture and practices have been shaped by a cacophony of factors with immigration being one of the most prominent. Amid the Holiday season approaching the bounty of a Thanksgiving feast, learn more about the immigrant influences of the food we enjoy ceremonially and daily.

Hosted by Byrd Theatre | Nov. 27 at 10am

Create a new Holiday tradition by attending the showing of An American Tail at the Byrd Theater. An American Tail embodies an allegory of the brutal conditions that immigrants faced and still currently face when arriving in the United States. The animated film presents an often forgotten reality and provides an impetus for the acknowledgement of the plights of our immigrant friends amid the giving season. 

Hosted by University of Michigan | Dec. 2 at 10am

Listen to Dean Yang, the Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan, for a lecture on how migration is transforming societies around the globe. Some of the questions that will be discussed will center on the contributions of immigrants and some of the underlying ramifications of immigration on the economy such as “Are receiving countries better or worse off when they welcome new immigrants?” or “How can migrant-receiving societies do a better job welcoming immigrants?”. 

Hosted by Athenaeum of Philadelphia | Dec. 16 at 6pm

Join two leading immigration and history scholars on a conversation exploring the salient effects of immigrants on urban revitalization and the composition of urban communities in the Philadelphia region and the nation at large. University of Pennsylvania Professor Domenic Vitiello and Penn State University Professor A. K. Sandoval-Strausz will also converse on some of the misguided narratives exacerbated by the Trump presidency and answer questions on the fractured landscape of the immigration debate.

Hosted by Wolf Humanities Center | Dec. 8 at 5pm

Join the Wolf Humanities Center and Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Jones-Correa, in a discussion on the current state of opportunities for asylum and the plights of asylum seekers around the globe. As with the barriers faced by Central American, Hatian, and Afghan asylum seekers, fewer are being welcomed elsewhere. The barriers these 82 million people encounter as they seek refuge point to the erosion of the international conventions on asylum first adopted in 1951. Seventy years later, is asylum still viable?


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