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Welcome to our Engagement Menu, where we share direct ways you can make a difference in the lives of immigrants – by donating, participating in advocacy initiatives and virtual events, and (virtual) volunteering. Find out what’s going on — petitions, marches, protests, gatherings, but also social and cultural events, performances, and letter writing campaigns.

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1. Appreciate: Unweaved Stories Virtual Exhibit

Hosted by Love4Immigrants | Sept. 26 at 12pm

Join Love4Immigrants in the Unweaved Stories Virtual Exhibition for a story amongst generations of immigrants. Origin stories connect immigrants together, but that does not mean each generation is a duplicate of their ancestors. However, the storytelling itself becomes cherished memories. These memories are unique to each person, as well as the people whom we consider our family. Those connections only add to the wonderful tapestry that sees no end to being complete, which is a beauty in itself. We weave our own journeys using the threads that have been woven for generations, and will continue to be added on with our own colorful perspectives. There will be videos featuring selected artists.

2. Learn: Mexico’s Independence

Hosted by the Mexican Cultural Institute DC | Sept. 24 at 6pm

The various celebrations of independence and revolutions across Latin America mark an important feature of the time frame of Hispanic Heritage Month. Mexico’s Independence is one of the most recognized. 2021 marks the Bicentennial of Mexico’s 1821 Proclamation of Independence, an event which reshaped North America’s relationship to the world. The Mexican Cultural Institute of the Embassy of Mexico in the United States, the Latin America in a Globalizing World Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, and the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, will host a cultural and public history event that explores the hemispheric implications and resonances of Mexico’s proclamation. This event will start a conversation between public history and cultural diplomacy to explore the meaning of independence as a shared experience across the Americas.

3. Fundraise: Support Afghan Refugees

Hosted by Grassroots Comedy DC | Sept. 29 at 7pm

Amid the intricate resettlement of Afghan refugees, Solutions in Hometown Connections is seeking donations to assist this process. Grassroots Comedy DC is hosting a live comedy show to support Solutions in Hometown Connections as they help with the transition to American Life. They will be hosting a spectacular lineup of comedians including Yasmin Elhady (Kennedy Center), Naomi Karavani (Redacted Tonight), Jaffer Khan (Redacted Tonight), Sofia Javed (Lady Laughs Comedy Festival) and Martin Amini (TruTV). Hosted by Christian Escoto (DC Improv). Attend for a night of laughter as a portion of the proceeds will go to a good cause!

4. Engage: The American Struggle

Hosted by The Phillips Collection | Sept. 19

In 1949, seven years after a meteoric rise to national attention with his epic Migration Series, the leading American painter Jacob Lawrence (1917–2000), began research at the New York Public Library for a new series. At the launch of the modern Civil Rights Movement, Lawrence sought to visualize a more integrated American history through word and image. For more than five years, he read and researched. Then, in May 1954, just as the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to end racial segregation in public schools, he began to paint the first of 30 panels that would comprise Struggle: From the History of the American People. As a nation of immigrants, these panels showcase the combined struggle of underrepresented groups and the founding fathers. 

5. Watch: "Hochelaga, terre des âmes”

Hosted by Alliance Française de Washington, DC (AFDC) | Oct. 1 at 6pm

The Department of French and Francophone Studies of Georgetown College, the Québec Government Office in Washington, and the Alliance Française of Washington, DC are proud to present the film “Hochelaga, terre des âmes” (2017) by François Girard as part of the 2021 Virtual Quebec Film Festival. “Hochelaga, terre des âmes” is an epic narrative that offers a kaleidoscopic take on history that prompts timely reflection on the role of origin, identity, and place in shaping the soul of a nation.The Festival will feature four related films showcased at different dates and a panel discussion. Register now!

6. Plate it Forward

Donate a Bowl | Anytime!

Donate one or more bowls to the community in need! We prepare the bowl and distribute it to those in need through our NGO partners.

Help our immigrant staff, our NGO partners, and the community!

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