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Category: Big Read

Domestic Violence: Immigrants Are Particularly Vulnerable

By Erica Rudolf, Staff Attorney at Ayuda

For immigrants who are experiencing domestic violence, COVID-19 is causing an unseen crisis as people are forced to stay home. For someone in an abusive relationship, home is not a place of refuge and safety, but a place of violence and fear.

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Health is the Human Denominator. Where is the Access?

by Dr. Sofía Gómez, Public Health Researcher and Practitioner

Health equity in the U.S. remains an economic, social, and political issue. If there is any small silver lining in COVID-19’s dark clouds, it is that the pandemic has beckoned us as citizens to reflect on our society’s common denominator: our health.

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“How DACA Changed My Life”, An Essay by a DACA recipient from Brazil

by Juliana Macedo Do Nascimento, DACA recipient + State/Local Policy Manager at United We Dream

DREAMers’ futures are on the line. Any day now, the Supreme Court will decide the fate of nearly 700,000 young people in the DACA program, but also their families and communities. Learn more about what’s at stake with this momentous Supreme Court decision in this month’s Think Table.

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What are ‘sanctuary’ cities and why is Trump targeting them?

By Reuters reporters Kristina Cooke and Ted Hesson

LOS ANGELES/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Republican President Donald Trump has intensified his administration’s fight in recent weeks against Democratic-led “sanctuary” jurisdictions that limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

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Asylum In The U.S.: What’s Going On?

by Andrew Selee, President of the Migration Policy Institute

Andrew Selee, President of MPI, explains the history of asylum in the United States as a safe haven for those fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries.

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Immigrant Victims of Human Trafficking Afraid to Report

by Katherine Flannery & Katherine Soltis of Ayuda

January is human trafficking awareness month, an issue that disproportionally affects immigrants who are often afraid to report their traffickers due to fear of being deported. Most immigrants come to the U.S. on a visa that is tied to their employer, and leaving an abusive situation can result in loss of legal immigration status.

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Food Tastes Better When It’s Just

By Diana Tellefson-Torres, Executive Director, UFW Foundation

In this December issue of The Think Table, Diana Tellefson-Torres, Executive Director of the United Farmworker Foundation, explains how the Farm Workforce Modernization Act could impact the hundreds of thousands of undocumented farmworkers and their families.

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DREAMers in Danger

By Marshall Fitz, Managing Director of Immigration at Emerson Collective

In this November issue of The Think Table, Marshall Fitz, Managing Director of Immigration at Emerson Collective and one of the nation’s leading legislative immigration strategists and advocates explains the crucial November 12 Supreme Court case on DREAMers. The Court’s decision will undoubtedly affect millions of Americans.

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