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Category: Big Read

What is American Food?

The American cuisine truly lends meaning to the words “melting pot”, and that’s what makes it so unique. With such a diverse populace, it stands to reason that American food is so varied. It pulls ingredients, flavors, and styles from around the world to create the dishes we know and love.

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A sense of urgency to address Japan’s rapidly declining birth rate, population, and labor force has swept across the country. Japan’s population decline and other demographic challenges cannot be addressed solely by insular social policies and robotic interventions. Is immigration a possible solution? 

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In just 25 years, Europe’s immigration discourse has shifted dramatically. Once centered on the Gastarbeiter;—or guest workers—primarily from within the continent, the debate now heavily revolves around asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa. But as this narrative has evolved, one question remains: Has the foundational stance in Europe on immigration truly changed? The […]

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