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Category: Téa’s Coffee

Video: Immigrants
& Our Elections

Since the year 2000, the size of the immigrant electorate nearly doubled. And it will only keep growing. What does that mean for American politics?

While we’re focused on the polarization of our recent elections, something important is happening: the size of the immigrant electorate is growing.

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Domestic Violence: How Does it Affect Immigrants?

Domestic Violence comes in many forms: physical, emotional and financial. Nearly 20 people per minute are abused in the U.S., and even though victims include many LGBTQ persons, and also men, 1 in 3 victims are women. Immigrant women are 3x more likely to suffer from domestic abuse from an intimate partner.

The horrors of the slave trade forced Black individuals to come to America in the 16th century. But Black immigration is a relatively new development – and has increased fivefold over the past few decades. In this issue of the Think Table, we delve deeper into the experience of recent Black immigrants, who often face […]

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February Issue: Asylum in the U.S.

What's been going on?

In The Think Table, Immigrant Food’s micro digital think tank, we slice and dice the immigration issue into easily digestible portions and engage with experts and immigrants to learn a little more about the important issues facing immigrants right now. Each month, our Communications Director, Téa, has coffee with some of the nation’s leading experts but also the immigrations who are affected directly by these issues.

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