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Three Things to Know about Immigrant Food

Immigrant Food - D.C.’s first cause-casual restaurant - celebrates the immigrant community through food, advocates through our Engagement Menu, and educates through Think Table.   

Immigrant Food is D.C.’s first cause-casual restaurant. We celebrate America’s story – the story of immigrants – through “gastroadvocacy(see this CNN Video). Located right next to the White House and at Union Market, Immigrant Food is a place both for delicious food and an advocacy platform on behalf of immigrants. So, in celebration of the Immigrant Heritage Month, this Think Table issue is dedicated to our amazing NGO partners and describes how Immigrant Food celebrates the immigrant community through food, advocates through our Engagement Menu, and educates through Think Table.   

Let’s #UniteAtTheTable.

1. Celebrate Through Food

Immigrant Food’s fusion dishes reflect America at its core: diverse, nourishing and welcoming! Chef Enrique LImardo’s inspirations are culinary representations of that immigrant diversity – our bowls are fusions and mixes; they’re fun, healthy, diverse. Our Viet Vibes bowl includes Vietnam’s spicy-rice noodles with pickled bananas, as an ode to both Central America’s favorite fruit.  The Mumbai Mariachi bowl combines the spices and heat of India and Mexico. We’re actually 20 restaurants combined in one – all to show how immigrants fuel the vitality of America’s food industry. 

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2. Advocate through our Engagement Menu

We partner with five best-in-class immigrant service NGO’s to catalyze donations, engagement and volunteer opportunities from our customers (see our NGO Partners). Every Saturday, we share via social media, email and in our restaurant 5 new ways, you can make a difference in the lives of immigrants. Examples include donating and participating in advocacy initiatives, volunteering at community-based events and activities, joining petitions, marches, gatherings, and attending social and cultural events, performances, and letter-writing campaigns. Check our Instagram on Friday afternoons or your inbox on Saturday mornings!

3. Educate through the Think Table

Even during the pandemic, we never faltered in publishing, The Think Table.  It’s our monthly micro-digital magazine on immigration issues. We take one issue in immigration and go in-depth with a 5-min video, original infographics, short columns including three things to know, and expert interviews. Past issues of the Think Table have included a deep dive into Climate Change and Migration with NYT columnist Tom Friedman, Immigrants and Elections with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, and most recently on the positive impact Asian immigrants have had on America with Congressman Andy Kim and nonprofit leader Naznin Saifi.  

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