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Three Things You Should Know … Immigrants & Our Elections

Immigrants’ voices matter in shaping the United States’ political future. In the last presidential election, more than 23 million immigrants were eligible voters.

1. The immigrant voter population is one-tenth of the US electorate

The US forgeign-born voter population has grown a whopping 93% since 2000. In 2000, the immigrant voter population was 12 million; today, it is estimated to be 23.2 million. The Democratic and Republican parties are paying attention to the growing immigrant vote.

The two largest groups in the immigrant electorate are Latinos and Asian-Americans. While Latino immigrants are the largest group, the Asian-American immigrant electorate is growing at the fastest rate. In the past two decades, the Asian American and Latino American electorates grew by 139% and 121%, respectively. Two-thirds (67%) of Asian eligible voters are immigrants, while only a quarter of Hispanic eligible voters are immigrants.

*We define ‘immigrant’ as foreign-born, naturalized citizens.

2. The 'Immigrant Vote' is not one block

Immigrant voters do not vote as one block. They have diverse backgrounds and issues they care about. For instance, among Latinos voters, 34% lean towards or identify as Republican, 62% as Democrat, and 4% as independent or other. Meanwhile, 23% of Asian voters lean or identify as Republican, 44% as Democrat, and 31% as Independents.

3. The immigrant electorate is growing rapidly

The foreign-born, naturalized population is growing fast. By 2065, immigrants and their children will make up an estimated 36% of the US population, and American politics will be in huge part shaped by their voting patterns.

Of course, not all of these immigrants will be eligible voters. But the immigrant voting population is expected to be huge. It’s projected to reach 70 million by 2060, making up nearly one fifth of the US population (17%). There is no debate: the American electorate is fast becoming more diverse.

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